Pennsylvania Home Flood Insurance Coverage

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Pennsylvania Home Flood Insurance CoverageAs with all Pennsylvania home insurance from it is essential to understand what insurance cover you are purchasing. This is even more the case with insurance such as flood insurance as having your house flooded can cause some serious damage to your property and belongings. It is of course also an incredibly stressful time and there are no instant fixes and repairs can take some time to organize. This is why understanding your Pennsylvania home flood insurance cover is in some ways more important than other type of insurance.


Pennsylvania home insurance for flooding general falls under two categories. The first type of insurance coverage is for building property damage and will usually provide coverage up to $250,000 worth of damage to your actual home. Personal property coverage usually provides coverage up to $100,000 depending on your policy.


In addition, Pennsylvania home flood insurance will have different levels of cover for areas above and below ground level. For example, insurance cover in basements that are naturally more vulnerable to flooding will have less extensive cover than ground level or raised level cover.


Flood insurance in Pennsylvania for the ground levels and above will cover the structure of the building including electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems. Washing machines, cookers and other larger household equipment is also covered under the insurance. Carpets and fitted storage such as fitted bookcases are covered by this insurance as is debris removal. Certain garages and outbuildings may also get protection under the insurance but it is important to check if yours qualify.


Under the personal property flood insurance pretty much all personal belongings are covered including clothing, furniture and electronic equipment. Portable items such as small TV’s, fans and air conditioning units are usually covered by the personal property flood insurance. Some valuable items are covered by you must check your specific items with your insurance company to make sure they are covered and to see if they require any additional information in order to insure it. Items such as money, important or valuable documents and other paperwork are also not covered under home flood insurance.


Pennsylvania home flood insurance covers damage to most things but in basements the coverage is different to above ground levels. It does not include replacement or repair of bookcases, tables, curtains, carpets and other floor coverings unless your policy states otherwise. However, the structure and internal workings of your home such as water tanks and are covered under the insurance as well as white goods such as washing machines and freezers.